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Brazil: OKX launches “Trade like a pro” campaign

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OKX, a Web3 technology company has launched its “Trade like a pro” campaign in Brazil. The series highlights the stories of three famous Brazilian crypto traders (Rodrigo, Alexandre and Luiz) who use the OKX platform for their trading activities.

The series features three professional traders explaining why they switched to OKX and highlighting their favorite features of the platform. Rodrigo explains how easy it is to use the platform and the importance of it being available in Brazil. Alexandre discusses how to manage risk and why security is so important, while Luiz explains why OKX’s proof of reserves ensures assets are fully backed and transparent.

Haider Rafique, Marketing Director at OKX, stated: “We want users to understand what crypto and Web3 are from experts, who share their experience and everything they have learned along the way. One of the biggest fears of newcomers is the fear of failure. With our “Trade like a pro” campaign, we help users understand that, with the right knowledge, you can also start trading responsibly. We hope that this initiative creates good habits among our community in Brazil.

Guilherme Sacamone, CEO of OKX Brazil, said: “Rodrigo, Alexandre and Luiz are an example of the new generation of Brazilian crypto traders who trust OKX for the features of our platform that power advanced trading strategies. What they have achieved with our products and services serves as inspiration for us and we can’t think of a better way to showcase our solutions than by giving them the opportunity to share their story and experiences in this campaign.

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