Check out latest Guardian technology at CES 2024

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Seeing Machines Limited, the advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety, is now prepared to launch Guardian Generation 3, the latest version of its Aftermarket Driver Monitoring System (DMS).

Guardian Generation 3 is well tested and confirmed to meet the European Commissions’ General Safety Regulation for Drowsiness Detection, a requirement for all new cars, vans trucks and buses across Europe from July 2024.

Guardian Generation 3 also features refined micro-sleep detection and eye-gaze tracking which enhances its ability to accurately detect distracted driving.

Seeing Machines isn’t new in this business. It has been protecting commercial transport and logistics companies with its aftermarket Guardian solution globally, with over 14 billion kilometers of recorded travel across 54,000 vehicles. The third generation Guardian hardware also delivers a range of features that leverage the Company’s proven automotive-grade algorithms and precision optics to deliver premium performance.

As operators around the world continue to seek out reliable safety technology for their fleets, so too are commercial vehicle manufacturers. This enhanced Guardian technology offers compliance certainty for these OEMs who can now implement the technology via factory-fit or “after manufacture” and offer their customers the opportunity to buy fully compliant, road-ready vehicles.

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