ThunderX introduces first vehicle cockpit integration solution

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The International Consumer Electronicx Show 2024 (CES 2024) opened in Las Vegas on January 9th. The latest trends and groundbreaking innovations in the field of consumer electronics are shown here every year.

At this year’s CES 2024, ThunderX, a subsidiary of ThunderSoft, officially introduced the RazorDCX Tarkine, the company’s first domain controller for vehicle cockpits that integrates hardware and software.

The new RazorDCX Tarkine is based on Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s Snapdragon Ride Flex System-on-Chip (SoC) technology.

The SoC system supports workloads with different criticalities and enables the joint implementation of cockpit functions, advanced driver assistance systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) functions in a single hardware element.

Tarkine supports continuous, long 8K screens.

This enables 3D full-screen display for AVM (Around View Monitor), DMS (Driver Monitoring System), gaming, audio and video entertainment, Internet and other cockpit functions.

At the same time, the product supports APA, L2+ highway and other ADAS functions. This cost-effective, outstanding technology is currently the leading Fusion Domain Controller solution for vehicle cockpits on the market. With the further development of the electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture in vehicles, the automotive industry is changing from the classic distributed architecture to the central computer architecture.

The growing number of new features such as ADAS, AD and intelligent cockpits generate large amounts of data traffic and interactions between domain controllers. This leads to growing implementation problems and rising vehicle costs.

RazorDCX Tarkine was developed with functional design safety in mind. Powerful middleware functionality and an efficient toolchain help customers optimize costs without sacrificing performance and features.

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For vehicle cockpits, RazorDCX Tarkine supports multi-screen interaction, analog amplifiers, Automotive Audio Bus(®) (A2B) and Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST), as well as 3D HMI for visuals, gaming and infotainment, and connectivity. In addition, depending on the vehicle’s equipment requirements, it enables the integration of cockpit functions, ADAS, clusters, vehicle heads-up displays, automatic vehicle monitoring systems (AVMs), driver monitoring systems (DMS) and digital vehicle recordings ( Digital Vehicle Recording (DVR).

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