Crypto: Bybit and Wintermute Leadership Are Optimistic on Options Trading

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Bybit has achieved several important milestones in its 5th anniversary. These include reaching over 20 million users, explaining the web3 vision, and becoming the institutional choice for BTC and ETH. Although the number of crypto exchanges is increasing, the number of experienced liquidity providers is still limited. In the post-FTX era, market leaders such as Wintermute began to play an even more important role.

Recently, Wintermute made a strategic decision to move to Singapore, further strengthening its position as a liquidity provider giant. Wintermute Asia also demonstrated its commitment to innovation and growth by executing its first option block transaction on CME.

As FTX’s collapse continues to reverberate across the crypto industry, it represents a turning point for established players to differentiate themselves from the rest as well as navigate this promising but volatile market. Liquidity providers are the lifeline of activity in the crypto market, but their activities have always remained behind closed doors due to the inaccessibility of off-exchange data of these providers.

Now we have the opportunity to access first-hand insights from Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou, Bybit Corporate President Eugene Cheung, and Wintermute co-founder Yoann Turpin as they reflect on the past year and discuss growth strategies moving forward.

Key points:

Ben Zhou thinks professional options trading will increase.
Now officially based in Singapore, Yoann Turpin brings his experience as a former TradFi options trader and is optimistic about the future of crypto options trading.
Eugene Cheung announced that Bybit has launched an OTC pilot program.
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