Initiatives to Encourage Women in Technology

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Object Computing, Inc., a technology firm based in St. Louis, today announced additional initiatives for women to foster mentorships, share experiences, and encourage participation and leadership in STEM careers. Women have made tremendous advancements in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines worldwide. Still, the gender gap is significant.

According to the United Nations, women and girls represent half of the world’s population. Yet, women account for only 40% of graduates in computer science and informatics, 28% of engineering graduates, and 22% of professionals in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence.

Woman-owned Object Computing recognizes the importance of providing a supportive community for women in technology. Led by a team that is 40% women and people of color, the company’s new initiative furthers its dedication to diversity. Women on the team are invited to quarterly meet-ups to learn, inspire, and empower each other.

In the local community and beyond, Object Computing supports the St. Louis network of Women Who Code, an international organization dedicated to empowering women to excel in technology careers. Object Computing team members have actively led the local group since its 2019 inception.

“Women in tech industries bring innovation, fresh perspectives, and creative problem-solving,” said Tricia O’Brien, delivery director at Object Computing, and director of Women Who Code-St. Louis. “They enrich the diversity of the team, and that leads to better outcomes.”

In line with Women’s History Month, Object Computing will host a luncheon honoring the women who contribute to the company’s success. Additionally, initiative leaders will share weekly acknowledgments of women who have significantly contributed to the field.

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“Empowering women in technology careers is essential for fostering innovation, achieving gender equality, and advancing a workforce that reflects the diversity of our global communities,” said Gina Bremehr, President of Object Computing. “The benefits extend beyond individual careers, positively impacting industries, economies, and the broader advancement of technology. Particularly with the growth of AI, equal participation by women is essential to reducing biases in data-driven decision making.”

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