Robotexts – How to stop phone scams

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Robotexts increased by 37% but robocalls dropped by 25% in December, more proof that scammers believe SMS is the best way to target consumers, especially around the holidays.

Holiday shopping season is prime time for scammers
At this time of the year, scammers tend to capitalize on timely trends like delivery messages, which increased by six percent from November. Spammers like to take advantage of the fact people are expecting deliveries and trick them into clicking fraudulent links. These scams may look like they’re from well-known delivery companies when they’re really scams.

One has to be wary of clicking links online.

Robocalls drop to 3 billion 
Robocalls hovered around 5 billion for most of 2023, but in December Robokiller identified a 25% decrease. Though Robokiller usually sees a downward trend in December, this is the largest decline to date. Even so, losses continue to climb. Scammers are using tactics like bank scams and debt collector scams to steal money.

Coming soon: 2023 year in review
Be on the lookout for Robokiller’s end-of-year phone scam report. Click here and here to read our previous reports.

December key trends

Top robotexts nationwide:

Robotext CategoryEstimated Robotexts
Delivery (Amazon, USPS, UPS)1,097,877,669
Apple + hardware118,869,044

Top robotext states per capita:

StateEstimated robotextsEstimated robotexts per person
Washington, D.C.93,421,487115

Top robocalls nationwide:

Robocall categoryEstimated robocalls
Debt Collector83,622,391

Top robocall states per capita:

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StateEstimated robocallsEstimated robocalls per person
South Carolina37,810,0019

How to stop phone scams
At Robokiller, it’s our mission to create a world without spam. In addition to downloading the Robokiller app, follow these tips to protect yourself against spam texts and spam calls.

Further protect yourself against scams with Robokiller’s new personal data protection feature, which allows consumers to remove their information from data broker sites that scammers rely on to find targets. Robokiller’s personal data protection is included in its Premium+ subscription tier or can be purchased as a standalone one-time purchase.

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