Tuya Developer Day at CES 2024 – Driving Smart, Secure, Connected Future

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Tuya Smart, a global IoT developer service provider, successfully held the “Tuya Developer Day” event at CES 2024, which featured engaging discussions on the innovation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT with renowned institutions and enterprises in the fields of connection protocols, semiconductors, and cloud services. The event also explored ways to build a safer and more sustainable interconnected world.

Building on the main theme of CES 2024, “All Together, All On”, Tuya remains committed to fostering collaborative innovation. The establishment of the theme “All Together, All On Smart” resonates with Tuya’s unwavering dedication to creating a connected and intelligent world. Through an immersive showroom and by hosting “Tuya Developer Day”, the company not only showcases its technological prowess but also exemplifies its confidence in collaborating with global developers. This collaborative spirit aims to collectively discern industry trends and unlock future development opportunities. This vision seamlessly aligns with the perspective embedded in Tuya’s Four Signature Colors, particularly the vibrant Aurora Pink, symbolizing a harmonious and forward-looking approach to smart technology.

The event featured leading brands and associations from around the world, including AWS, Bluetooth SIG, Connectivity Standards Alliance, ioXt, Silicon Labs, Thread Group and Wi-Fi Alliance. Representatives shared valuable insights into the rapid development of connectivity protocols and security compliance environment for the IoT industry.

Innovation in Connected Home Services
Panel No. 1: What’s New on Wireless Connectivity

Ross Luo, General Manager of Tuya Smart’s Asia Pacific Region, led the first panel discussion on “What’s New on Wireless Connectivity.” Speakers discussed the innovation and iteration of wireless connectivity technology, providing fresh insights into using IoT technology to revitalize the smart home market.

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Kevin Robinson, CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, shared insights into the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology stating “Advanced Wi-Fi 7 capabilities fast track the future of connectivity in home and industrial environments, and the latest Wi-Fi offers a strong foundation on which our members can innovate. One of the most requested new Wi-Fi 7 features includes multi-link operation (MLO), allowing devices to transmit and receive data simultaneously over multiple links for increased throughput, reduced latency, and improved reliability. Wi-Fi Alliance introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ this week, facilitating worldwide product interoperability and a robust ecosystem of devices.”

“This last year, in our 25th anniversary, the Bluetooth SIG reached over 40,000 member companies who shipped over 5 billion Bluetooth enabled products in 2023 alone,” said Ken Kolderup, CMO of the Bluetooth SIG. “Enabling technology companies like Tuya play a vital role within the Bluetooth eco-system and are a key reason for the tremendous success of Bluetooth technology.”

Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of Connectivity Standards Alliance, discussed the role of Matter in enhancing IoT interoperability. “Matter strives to improve the interoperability of the Internet of Things (IoT), offering manufacturers valuable advantages as an open standard and empowering end-users with a broader array of alternatives. The active involvement of Alliance Members and the Board, including key players like Tuya, is pivotal in seamlessly incorporating Matter into product solutions. Through collaborative efforts, Matter is poised to introduce continuous updates and releases, evolving into a more comprehensive and unified standard for smart homes.”

Kevin Kraus, Treasurer of Thread Group, highlighted the characteristics and recent development of Thread technology. “As a leading IoT communication protocol, Thread is undergoing rapid development and innovative breakthroughs. With the release of the latest 1.3.0 version, widely acknowledged in the industry for its technological advantages such as safety, reliability, no single point of failure, simple connection, and low energy consumption, Thread Group solidifies its position at the forefront of IoT advancements. In the future, we will continue to strengthen collaboration with partners like Tuya to break industry barriers within the smart home landscape, providing users with a seamless and all-encompassing smart life experience across various scenes.”

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