Keep thinking about wonderful prospects of everlasting life

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We can’t make it happen don’t mean it can’t happen. Many people in the world today only have hope in what they can do but should we be like that? It is clear that when it comes to the promise of everlasting life, no one other than Jehovah has promised it. Should we believe that he can accomplish it?

This is what we are looking at this evening and in the light of what the Bible says, we will examine why we can trust God’s promise of everlasting life.

For one thing, Jehovah himself lives forever. Let’s see how it is stated in the Bible book of Job 36:26. (Read)

From that verse, we see that truly Jehovah is able to live forever. That’s evident in the statement, The number of his years is beyond comprehension. We can’t put a cap on the numbers of years Jehovah has lived or determine just how many years he will yet live. He exists form eternity to eternity. Will such one be able to offer us everlasting life? Think about it.

The next two verses make it plain that Jehovah is able to sustain life indefinitely. (Read verse 27, and 28.) Can we see that imagery? Jehovah is like a man drawing water only to pour it again. Not for his satisfaction, but to ensure living creatures survive. If you notice the poetic language in which these verses were crafted, more important is the massage. Jehovah has never tired out or stopped running the water cycle that sustains life on earth. We are sure he won’t tire out in his purpose of sustaining life forever. Life sustaining water will evidently keep showering down on humans forever in the new world.

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Jehovah also uses the Bible to teach us how to gain everlasting life. Take a look at in the book of John 17:3. (Read)

Truly, the knowledge from Jehovah and his son Jesus means life everlasting for all those obeying. What other instructor is there like Jehovah? There’s evidently none.

Today, we suffer injustice, pain, sickness, old age, and death – all these sometimes take away the interest we could have in what Jehovah has provided in the future. Everlasting life. Will it come to be?

Take a look at the illustration on the screen. What do we see? Whatever negative occurrences we experience now in our lives Strong faith in God’s promise of everlasting life acts as a stabilizing force in our life.​ It is well depicted in this illustration. There will be peace earth-wide not only between people of different races but even with wild beast, as you can see in the image. Picture a serene atmosphere worldwide, as all forms of pollution are gone. No more sickness, no more pain, no more agony, no more tears… Yes, Jehovah is able to make these happen.

May we keep thinking and talking about the wonderful prospects of everlasting life so as to keep our faith strong in God’s promise of everlasting life.

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