Huawei presents 10 most important location energy trends

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Huawei Digital Power today launched its white paper on the top ten site energy trends. They drive telecom operators’ transition to green energy and were explained in detail by Li Shaolong, President of Huawei Site Power Facility Domain.

Trend 1: From consumer to producer

Operators and tower companies (towercos) are transforming from pure energy consumers to proactive energy producers. This shift is critical to transforming the global energy landscape towards a low-carbon society. Operators are now focusing on building environmentally friendly, low-carbon networks, but also producing green energy and engaging in energy planning through the use of new energy systems such as photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS).

Trend 2: Use of green electricity

For the energy sector of the telecommunications industry, a standardized green electricity system will be built from three dimensions: energy self-sufficiency, reasonable utility, and security and stability, making the construction and use of green sites a new normal.

Trend 3: Emergency power supply and energy storage

The industry will evolve from pure power backup to integrating power and energy storage solutions, resulting in more cyclical applications such as peak staggering and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) services. The VPP energy storage system for telecommunications companies is characterized by its simplicity, intelligence and the convergence of multiple services.

Trend 4: From telecommunications location to shared location

In addition to power supply for communication services, telecommunications sites can develop various services such as “Communication + Edge Computing” or “Communication + Power Supply for Private Households” depending on local needs, thereby expanding the scope of services provided by the sites. Telecom sites support eMIMO mode and intelligent collaboration to offer more advanced services.

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Trend 5: Low-CO2 locations

In response to increasing energy demand and the goal of carbon neutrality, operators and towercos are focusing on establishing low-carbon sites. This also includes the introduction of various standards and solutions as well as intelligent management.

Trend 6: Simplifying locations

Operators will continue to build energy networks that feature simple architecture, superior quality, cost efficiency and optimal user experience by building simplified site structures in multiple dimensions.

Trend 7: Smart locations With the help of power electronics and digital technologies, the entire connection of the locations from energy production, conversion, storage, distribution, consumption to management works on an intelligent basis. Through digital energy management (“Managing watt with bit”), the power supply system is entering an intelligent age. Trend 8: Synergy of generation, grid, load and storage A site’s power system, grid and load devices are no longer isolated from each other to achieve intelligent synergy between generation, grid, load and storage. For example, by using energy services such as intelligent peak load grading and VPP, locations can achieve additional energy benefits. Trend 9: Different battery technologies Battery technology at telecommunications sites is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of materials, applications and management technologies. This also means a shift to materials like sodium batteries, which are known for their stability and accessibility. Trend 10: Security and trustworthiness Operators will build secure and trusted energy networks with a focus on device and network security, security authentication, and trusted processes and outcomes. As part of our support for the sustainable development and business success of operators and towercos, Huawei Digital Power aims to harness the benefits of technological innovation and promote the development and success of the industry by releasing the top ten site energy trends for 2024.

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