Vacancy: Real Estate Broker

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Property leasing, sales and purchases. Market research and advisory. Pitching and sourcing new sales and lease transactions

Job responsibilities

Source viable takers for available vacant spaces within and outside KF commercial and residential property portfolios.

Source new property transactions for Knight Frank portfolio

Mediate the dealings between sellers and buyers ensuring good conduct and the honest exchange of information towards a beneficial understanding

Appraise the value of properties by thoroughly researching the market or past purchases and advise client as required

Property purchase and sales on behalf of Knight Frank clientele in order to grow Knight Frank bottom line

Prepare all contractual and legal documentations related to leases, sales and purchase of properties

Manage lease renewals on behalf of clients

Accompany buyers during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the property they are visiting

Arrange for title searches to determine whether clients have clear property titles.

Investigate clients’ financial and credit status to determine eligibility for financing and source of funding (KYC)

Develop proposals for current and prospective clients.

Education & Experience

1st degree in Estate Management or related field with a minimum of 2nd class grade or its equivalent

6-8 years real estate brokerage experience

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes required to execute the job

Marketing skills – a strong understanding of marketing tools and practices, such as social media and local advertising

Multitasking – ability to handle negotiations for various clients, communicate with agents and other involved parties, and prepare documents

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Sales skills – ability to close deals and follow up on leads

Communication skills – strong oral and written communication skills when preparing documents, speaking with clients, and interacting with real estate professionals

Strong knowledge of current real estate laws

Strong negotiation and dispute resolution skills

Knowledge of real estate market in Lagos and current real estate standards

Strong analytical skills- ability to spot, assess and address risk, materiality and interdependencies and make make recommendations to alleviate risks

Sound presentation and pitching skills

Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, and ability to work as part of a multigeographic team.

Adaptable to working in a fast paced, ever-changing environment

Ability to work well independently as well as the ability to work well with stakeholders

Excellent Market research skills

Strong relationship management skills

Systems & IT competence

MS Word; MS Excel; MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook

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