In what situations may we see more clearly God’s hand in our life?

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  1. According to Zechariah 4:6, 7, what other difficulties did the Jews face, and what assurance did Zechariah give them?

Apart from economic hardship and political instability, the Jews were persecuted. In 522 B.C.E., a ban placed on the rebuilding of Jehovah’s temple. But Zechariah assured the Jews that Jehovah would use His powerful spirit to remove any obstacles.

  1. How can the words of Haggai 2:4 help us to keep our focus on doing God’s will?

It is hard to focus on our ministry if we have suffered a financial setback or if we are facing opposition to our preaching work. But to put Kingdom interests first we must remain strong and confident that “Jehovah of armies” is on our side. When we continually put Kingdom interests ahead of our own we have nothing to fear.

  1. Why did Ezra and his fellow exiles need strong faith?

When Ezra traveled with a second group of Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem they needed strong faith they had to travel on hazardous roads, carrying a great amount of gold and silver that had been donated to the temple. That made them easy targets for robbers. Even their destination Jerusalem itself was not safe. There were only few people in the city and its walls and gates needed repair, making it open to easy attack.

  1. What lesson did one sister learn when she received Jehovah’s care during uncertain times?

The sister quit her job in order to maintain her neutrality. She said she had never been in a situation where she had no money. But she left the matter with Jehovah and saw how he tenderly cared for her. The lesson for her was that Jehovah was able to care for her at that uncertain time. Should an uncertain time come again, Jehovah will also care for her again.

  1. In what situations may we see more clearly God’s hand in our life?
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One situation is when asking our employer for time off so that we can attend a convention. Another is when asking for an adjusted work schedule so that we can attend all our meetings.

  1. What can help our confidence in Jehovah to grow?

We need to humbly seek Jehovah’s help and accept the support of our fellow believers, then our confidence in God will grow.

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An example is that of Erika, a mother of three, who maintained her confidence in Jehovah when she suffered the deaths of her unborn child and her beloved husband. Looking back, she said… We can’t know how Jehovah will help us when we face serious problems. Help can come in surprising ways. She said prayers can be answered in many ways. According to her, her prayers have been answered through the words and actions of her friends. Another thing that helped her was opening up to her friends.

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Why should we focus on doing God’s will despite uncertainties?

Jehovah will support us despite uncertainties if we obey the command to share in the preaching work. We can be confident that “Jehovah of armies” is on our side. Keeping busy in the ministry will help us to focus on what is most important in life. Jehovah never forgets his servants who focus on doing his will, no matter how hopeless their situation may seem.

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