Why is giving comfort to others an important expression of our love?

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  1. What reasons do we have for loving one another?

Love identifies us as true Christians. Ans as Jesus told his apostles at John 13:35, it is only when we love one another people in the world will know that we are Jesus disciples​.

Another reason, Love keeps us in a perfect bond of union, according to Col. 3:14.

The biggest reason we have for loving one another is stated at 1 John 4:21. If we love God we must also love ourselves brother. So, showing love for one another, we show our love for God.

  1. Why is giving comfort to others an important expression of our love?

In the Aramaic language and the tense that Apostle Paul used, “comfort” means “standing beside a person to encourage him when he is undergoing severe testing.” Therefore, for us, giving comfort means helping a fellow believer who is in distress to get up and to continue walking on the road to life. It is a good way for us to express our love for our brothers and sisters.

  1. (a) Why do we need to remain alert?

Jesus warned that “the love of the greater number [would] grow cold.” Though that didn’t mean this would occur on a large scale among his disciples, we should remain alert so that we are not influenced by the lack of love in the world around us.

  1. If our love for our brothers and sisters is strong enough, what will we be able to do? (Colossians 3:13)

We will be able to forgive the imperfections of our fellow believers​—even if that requires considerable effort at times. Colossians 3:13 admonishes us; Just as Jehovah freely forgave us, we must also do the same.

  1. Why is it especially important today to show love for one another?
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This is the time of the end. Satan, the demons, and their human helpers are not making it easy for servants of Jehovah today.
Though they want to divide us, or weaken us, when we show love for one another, we remain united, and receive the help that Jehovah gives. This breaks all of Satan’s efforts to take us away from Jehovah.

Review 2

How do we express our love for fellow believers?

We do that by our words and actions. We speak the truth with one another, Keep peace with one another, Take the lead “in showing honor to one another, we welcome one another, “Continue forgiving one another, Go on carrying the burdens of one another, Keep comforting one another, Keep building one another up, and Praying for one another.

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