Bybit Web3, LightCycle present an unforgettable spectacle in virtual reality

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Bybit, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, will soon take the next step in the Web3 revolution, which will be a virtual concert by Robbie Williams on the occasion of his 25th anniversary on stage. This is the result of Bybit’s groundbreaking cooperation with Hape2.0-LightCycle, the official partner of the event. Bybit Web3 is the official NFT partner of the concert – Official NFT Marketplace Partner. The official title of the event organized by LightCycle is “Robbie Williams Beyond Reality in LightCycle – A Virtual Music Experience”.
Bybit Web3 teamed up with LightCycle Presents This Unforgettable Virtual Experience – Robbie Williams’ 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert
Bybit Web3 teamed up with LightCycle Presents This Unforgettable Virtual Experience – Robbie Williams’ 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert

The official sale of tickets for the virtual show and collectibles will be conducted via the NFT market operating as part of the Bybit Web3 platform. Thus, we will witness a fusion of music and technology that is the fulfillment of Bybit Web3’s vision. The joint project of Bybit Web3 and LightCycle marks an extremely important point in the evolution of Web3, demonstrating Bybit’s unwavering determination to pioneer changes in the reality of the third generation Internet.

This is a preview of the coming revolution, whereby technology and entertainment will merge into a natural whole, creating an unprecedented platform for celebrating music and community within a simplified open-for-all and equal ecosystem.

The show presented by LightCycle with the participation of pop icon Robbie Williams will be a historic event and the most important concert of 2024 in the metaverse. With this historic project, carried out in cooperation with LightCycle, the Bybit platform sets a new standard in the entertainment industry. As the exclusive official NFT marketplace for this groundbreaking concert ticket and collectibles in the metaverse, Bybit is reimagining blockchain entertainment.

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Bybit, in cooperation with LightCycle, will introduce the following three innovations to Web3:

Souvenirs, tickets and the metaverse passport in one place – being one of the largest NFT markets in the world, Bybit is the exclusive ticket sales channel for Robbie Williams’ concert in the metaverse, opening the artist’s fans an unprecedented opportunity to enter the dynamic world of blockchain;
Simpler and more efficient service giving users greater satisfaction – the intuitive platform and high transaction speed offered by Bybit change the way we buy tickets, making the entire process very quick and easy;
Equal access opportunities for Robbie Williams fans covering both Web3 and Web2 environments – various options will be available to take part in the virtual concert and accompanying events. Robbie Williams fans and Bybit users can purchase a Bybit NFT Pro ticket or try to get free tickets and autographed concert merchandise that will be distributed on social media.

“This cooperation marks an important milestone for Bybit Web3. We want people to be able to settle in the third generation Internet, but we are also opening up a new development space for the entertainment industry by efficiently harnessing the potential of blockchain to create virtual concert entertainment – said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit. – Cooperation with LightCycle is part of our aspirations to create a unique and immersive offer for the Web3 community, going beyond the framework of conventional entertainment.

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