Breakthrough in Ceph Cluster Performance

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Clyso, the leading open source Software Defined Storage company, has achieved a remarkable technical feat by reaching a record speed of 1 Terabyte per second (TiB/s) in a Ceph cluster. This accomplishment, documented by Mark Nelson in a detailed article on, marks a significant milestone in the development of high-performance storage systems.

In January 2024, the Clyso team embarked on an ambitious project: the migration of a 10 Petabyte HDD-supported Ceph cluster to an NVMe-based architecture. With 68 Dell PowerEdge R6615 servers, equipped with AMD EPYC 9454P processors, 192GiB DDR5-RAM, and 10 Dell 15.36TB Enterprise NVMe drives each, the project posed high demands on performance and efficiency.

The challenge was enormous. Clyso engaged in intensive optimization of the cluster configuration, addressing numerous technical issues from BIOS settings to kernel optimizations. Through persistent efforts and creative solutions, the team significantly expanded the performance limits of the Ceph cluster.

The result achieved is not only a triumph for Clyso but also a significant advancement for the Ceph community. The project demonstrates the vast potential of Ceph in large, modern data environments and sets new standards for the performance of storage systems.

Clyso emphasizes that this performance is the result of close collaboration with customers and the Ceph community. The company extends special thanks to IBM/Red Hat and Samsung for providing hardware for comparative testing and to all Ceph contributors for their tireless work.

This success story is a clear signal that Clyso is at the forefront of technological innovation and continues to make groundbreaking contributions in the field of open source SDS IT infrastructure.

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