November 16, 2020

Obama gave Trump on 60 Minutes

During the special, Obama sat for an interview in which he offered Trump some advice and urged him to concede the election, and he is not […]
November 16, 2020

Big Tech Tried to Censor the NY Post’s Hunter Biden Story

Elections are messy. As the day of any election gets closer, more stories are leaked as opponents and muck-raking journalists try to hurt the opposition’s campaign. […]
November 16, 2020

20 Biggest Advances in Tech Over the Last 20 Years

Another decade is over. With the 2020s upon us, now is the perfect time to reflect on the immense technological advancements that humanity has made since […]
November 16, 2020

Preserving cultural and historic treasures in a changing climate may mean transforming them

Erin Seekamp, North Carolina State University With global travel curtailed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are finding comfort in planning future trips. But imagine that […]
November 15, 2020

finally admits Joe Biden has won…

I’ll take it! #TrumpConceded — Tic Freeman’s Baby Mama (@JamelleMyBelle) November 15, 2020 Donald Trump acknowledged that Joe Biden won the US presidential election for […]
November 14, 2020

Beware of anything free… They could be traps

Good evening house. Have you heard or read of a man who established a zoo and made the entrance fee N50,000= but no one went there. […]
November 14, 2020

Trump faces greater risk of prosecution

U.S. President Donald Trump lost more than an election this month. When he leaves the White House in January, he will also lose the constitutional protection […]
November 14, 2020

New Storm Iota Expected to Hit Central America

Tropical Storm Iota should strengthen into a major hurricane by the time it smashes into the jungles of the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras on […]
November 14, 2020

Al-Qaida leader, accused in 1998 U.S. embassy attacks, killed

Al-Qaida’s second-highest leader, accused of being one of the masterminds of the deadly 1998 attacks on U.S. embassies in Africa, was killed in Iran three months […]
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