May 19, 2022

Sri Lanka debts – country sends shock around the world

Sri Lanka has defaulted on its foreign debts, thus sending a wave of shocks around the world. The country is even not able to pay for […]
April 16, 2022

Nepal needs help with Forex Reserve

The country has reached out to nationals living abroad to help solve part of the country’s economic woes. Nepalese living abroad is asked to deposit funds […]
December 29, 2021

4 Threats to Global Economy 2022

The global economy is facing new challenges in 2022. We made a quick recap on four of these. Subscribe and follow AP Moments for more business […]
November 9, 2020

Why Republicans and others concerned about the economy have reason to celebrate Biden in the White House

President-elect Joe Biden speaks to supporters on Nov. 7 in Wilmington, Del. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster William Chittenden, Texas State University On day one, a newly inaugurated […]
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