Putin could be cancer ill

Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily Vladimir Putin was visited by a cancer specialist 35 times and bathes in blood extracted from severed deer antlers, an investigation found. The Russian president has “constantly” been visited by oncology surgeon Yevgeny Selivanov at his Black Sea palace in the past four years. Mr Selivanov, who specialises […]

Was Jesus really born in Bethlehem? Why the Gospels disagree over the circumstances of Christ’s birth

A doll representing the infant Jesus in St. Catherine’s, the Franciscan church in the town of Bethlehem. David Silverman/Getty Images Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily Rodolfo Galvan Estrada III, Fuller Theological Seminary Every Christmas, a relatively small town in the Palestinian West Bank comes center stage: Bethlehem. Jesus, according to some biblical sources, […]

Homeless patients with COVID-19 often go back to life on the streets after hospital care, but there’s a better way

Union Square in Manhattan, where many of New York City’s homeless live. Noam Galai via Getty Images Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily J. Robin Moon, City University of New York In 2019, about 567,715 homeless people were living in the United States. While this number had been steadily decreasing since 2007, in the […]