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  • Robotexts – How to stop phone scams

    Robotexts – How to stop phone scams

    Robotexts increased by 37% but robocalls dropped by 25% in December, more proof that scammers believe SMS is the best way to target consumers, especially around the holidays. Holiday shopping season is prime time for scammersAt this time of the year, scammers tend to capitalize on timely trends like delivery messages, which increased by six…

  • Nigeria: Beware of new Covid-19 Scam

    Have you received a text message urging you to contact a certain Mr Benjamin? I just received one on my Airtel line. Be warned! That is a scam text message. Delete the text and don’t call any number. Here’s how the scam text image looks like: Dear customer, you have been gifted #95,000 for the…

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