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  • Energy harvesting for wearable technology

    Energy harvesting for wearable technology

    Experts in the field of tech says energy harvesting for wearable technology is stepping up. We’re talking about tiny worn devices that won’t need batteries, thanks to these innovations. Pictures a black circuitry pattern pealing off a second piece, with an intricate electronics pattern, which sits on a person’s skin. The self-powering “electronic skin” is…

  • EEG Brainlink Game Controller Headset Wearable Device

    MindLink Smart Headset Brainwave Sensor Head Band is an affordable and portable Brain-Computer Interface Headset that builds a wireless connection between the human brain and devices such as smart phones and tablets. Unlike any mainstream medical brainwave sensing devices that require several wet electrodes, MindLink only requires a single point of contact using a dry, metal sensor on the…

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