China struggles to reshape the information landscape

Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily The Chinese (China) government is spending billions of dollars annually into a global campaign of disinformation, using investments abroad and an array of tactics to promote the country’s geopolitical aims and squelch criticism of its policies, according to a new State Department assessment. Beijing’s broad-ranging efforts, the assessment […]


Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily The Africa Centre for Development Journalism (ACDJ) is now receiving applications from qualified and eligible Nigerian journalists towards its Inequalities Reporting Fellowship aimed at building the capacity of journalists to report on different inequality themes at sub-national levels. Successful applicants will take part in the fellowship programme that commences with an intensive […]

Biggest dating deal breakers

Click Here For Different Hot Offers Daily Honestly I’d say one of my biggest dating deal breakers is people who have terrible time management skills You know it’s one thing if you have constantly run into issues or have an on-call job or something like that that actually justifies an unclear schedule but when you […]