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  • How the comedy industry uses humor to abuse and silence women

    How the comedy industry uses humor to abuse and silence women

    Russell Brand: how the comedy industry uses humour to abuse and silence women Ellie Tomsett, Birmingham City University Over the last ten years I have been researching the barriers to women’s participation in the UK comedy circuit. During that time, it became clear to me that the live comedy industry has a particular susceptibility to fostering…

  • Women Monday Fashion wear

    Women Monday Fashion wear

    You need a new fashion idea as a woman? This is blessed Monday with a blessed moment for a lady’s fashion style Why it matters: Women have a natural sensitivity to what they wear. It matters about every cloth you put on as that defines who you are and how other people perceive you. Fibre2Fashion

  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes for Women in their 40s

    Reaching the age of 40 is a significant milestone in a person’s life, and as women age, they face innumerable changes in their bodies. While childbirth and menopause are big landmarks in a woman’s life, turning 40 kicks in the pre-menopausal phase that can result in muscle pain, bone ache, skin pigmentation, drastic weight gain,…

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